Another Christmas season is staring us in the face. It’s time to set things in order. I bet you are already looking around to see how you can transform your space. It’s not so difficult. This Christmas, you’d be glad to work with wreaths and garlands. There is so much you can do with these two decorative items. From doors to walkways, you would have so much fun decorating your home with these pieces. Here are a few wreaths and garlands trends this year. 

1. Lighted country snowman wreath

    Who says your wreaths have to come in a single circle? Get creative this Christmas with the rings. Three different wreaths that come in different sizes could be used to form a snowman. When your snowman is built fully, be sure to light it up, and you would have a lighted snowman hanging on your door. It’s beautiful. 

2. Frosted wreath

      You don’t have to leave your wreaths dry and understated. Take a step further this year and frost your wreath. That snowy like look would make a lot of difference. Your wreath isn’t as large as your Christmas tree so that you could extend the frosting to your wreath. Don’t stop there, add some red berries, pinecones and make sure your wreath has white and red color arranged on it. You are about to meet a brand new wreath. 


1. Wrap them around the candles

       Do you have some Christmas candles in your home? It’s time to put them in use. Wrap your garland carefully around several candles, about three or four. Be creative, let the garlands cover the base of the candles beautifully, and light your candles. The effect will surprise you. 

2. Use some bows

     Don’t let your garlands lay around your fireplace, your stairway, or anywhere elsewhere else bare. Some red bows punctuating your garland at intervals is nothing but gorgeous. 

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