Artificial Christmas Trees. We are all waiting for the Christmas season to come knocking and we want you to be ready as well!

So here are some basic points about artificial Christmas trees we want you to be aware of: They are made with 2 different types of materials which have a direct result on the price and how realistic it looks.

The first type of material is PVC, PVC is the most commonly used material for Artificial Christmas Trees and is also the cheaper of the two materials, its also known as natural tips. you can find them on the green, blue, pink and snow trees. They have a nice a look and you can even find them on giant trees.

The second type of material is PE. PE is a higher level of material and is used in realistic and most realistic looking trees. It’s commonly referred to as Realistic tips and is made with 3D molded machines, the average cost on these trees is higher than trees made with PVC. To have a big full tree made with only PE will almost always cost you over $1500 and it is the top class of Christmas trees.

You will find most of the big artificial Christmas tree brands have a large selection of trees made exclusive with PE to intrest the higher spending customers.

So if you were buying your first Christmas tree and was wondering which tree to go with it comes down to budget and personal preference, If you have the budget we always suggest to go with the PE and PVC mix.

Thank you for reading and have a Merry Christmas and happy new year

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