Whether you’re hosting a huge Christmas party or a simple family gets together, you will need the perfect songs for the festive season to spice up the atmosphere. Here is a list of eight Christmas classics to add more life to your party.

1. All I want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey)

The original version of this classic was released in 1994. Since then, it has topped multiple charts, especially during the festive season. Starting your party with this song will have everyone dancing in no time.

2. Thank God it’s Christmas (Queen)

The legendary rock band released this Christmas classic as far back as 1984, and even now, it is not possible to sit still while it is playing.

3. Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Frank Sinatra)

If your party is a family get together, this song is perfect! It has a calming feature that will surely bring everyone together in a bonding Christmas moment.

4. Santa Claus is coming to Town (Jackson five)

Though everyone can make moves to this song, it is specifically fun for children. So add it to the playlist of the party meant for your kids and their friends.

5. Eight days of Christmas (Destiny’s Child)

It’s a modern Christmas hit! And everyone loves Kelly, Michelle, and Beyonce. 

6. Rocking around the Christmas tree (Brenda Lee)

Your family and guests can dance to this song while playing a Christmas tree game. Kids will also love it!

7. Merry Christmas everybody (Slade)

Play this at the core of the party and watch everyone put up their best dance performance this Christmas.

8. War is over (John Lennon)

Everybody knows this famous singer from the Beatles, so after the heavy dancing, John Lennon’s Happy Xmas classic will get everyone performing a sweet sing-along.

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