As you plan to party this Christmas and celebrate with your loved ones,  don’t forget that amidst the merriment, Christmas is also a season for giving. There are many who can’t have fun because they don’t have the means or are not healthy enough, and you can make them feel loved this season by carrying out some acts of charity.

You can buy gifts for people who have no one to remember them. While we give and receive packages on Christmas day every year, there are many who get nothing. If you notice anyone like that, get them something this Christmas, it will give them so much joy, and the gift doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you are hosting a party or a Christmas dinner, do well to invite that neighbor or colleague who lives alone and gets no visitors. No one wants to be alone during the festivities and I am sure your invitation would mean everything to that person who has no one to share the day with.

When it comes to acts of charity, many people only think of financial or material things, which is good, but if you don’t have enough money to do charity, you can use other means, like your presence, assistance in chores, words of encouragement, home decorations, etc. You can also visit old people, sick people, and orphanages during this period to spend time with them and decorate their hair. You can also take pictures and sing along with them. You’d be surprised how much fun it will be for them and how fulfilling it will be for you. 

The list goes on and on, there are many things you can do for others this Christmas to make them feel the joy, no matter their condition or your financial status.

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