Do you have a cathedral type of ceiling in your home? If you do, then you really have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting a taller Christmas tree to put into your home. For those who are looking to find a tree that is going to dominate a room, then the 8 foot artificial Christmas tree is sure to do the trick!

So Many Options!

While you may be opting for what many people would consider a super tall Christmas tree, this doesn’t mean that you are going to be low on the options that you have to choose from. Some of the options with this tree include:

  • Flocked or not flocked, meaning that they look like they have real snow on these or having the non-flocked is more of the traditional green color.
  • Pre-lit with lights that you simply have to plug in and go or you can opt for the unlit version.
  • Slim or full build points to how “fat” the Christmas tree is going to be. For those who want a more traditional look, they will find that the full build is often the choice to make.

So, what kind of look you are hoping to achieve with an 8 foot artificial Christmas tree? This is going to point you to the type of tree that you should opt for.

Tips for Decorating your 8 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

When you decide on which tree you want in your home, remember to decorate this as you see fit. There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating these trees. However, we do recommend that you watch where you are hanging those heavier ornaments. You don’t want these at the top only to have them fall from a distance and break. A few other tips:

  • Consider choosing a theme as this can help you with decorating choices for your tree
  • Evenly spaced ornaments to ensure that the tree is not appearing lopsided
  • Let everyone join in on the decorating, as this is a huge part of the holidays
  • Artificial trees have branches that can bend, so if you notice a few bare spots this often means that you do not have the tree limbs bent at the angle that they should be

Christmas time is a time in which many people go all out when it comes to decorating. With an 8 foot artificial tree, you are sure to make an impression. King of Christmas has several 8-foot trees to choose from with various options to find the best one for your needs!

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