When you think about glass bulbs or other ornaments being hung anywhere, you automatically think about the tree. However, one of the latest trends is for people to hang these ornaments in their windows, coupling this with garland to create a stunning scene for when people are in their homes or are simply passing by. There are those who even incorporate a string or two of lights into this window scene. But, is it safe to use ornaments in the window? And if you do, what can you do to ensure that this is not only beautiful but safe? 

Safety Issues

You can use glass ornaments in your windows, however, be careful when doing this. Remember, you are not going to want to open the window as a sudden gust of wind can send all of these ornaments to the floor. Secondly, you are going to want to avoid using glass ornaments in the window if you have children as they are going to be more likely to want to touch these, which not only can damage the ornaments integrity but makes it more likely to fall. 

How to Hang Glass Ornaments Properly

One of the easiest ways to hang glass ornaments in a window is by using the glass bulbs that are out there. You will notice that these have a loop on the top that makes them easier to adjust to fit into a window. 

You will need a tension rod that you can easily place into the top of the window so that these ornaments can be displayed. Once you have this, don’t forget to get some string. You will want something that is not going to travel easily, thus avoid yarn. But, you will find that a gold or silver thread that is very strong is a great option. Other people have used fishing line as it is very strong and is invincible, so it produces a floating effect for the glass ornaments. 

Once you have these two items, start to cut the thread to tie onto the glass ornament. Cut these in various lengths as you do not want the glass ornaments to hang right next to each other. If they do this increases the chances of these hitting one another breaking/cracking. Once this is complete, hang the tension rod inside of the window frame and step back. You have made a beautiful decor piece that will sparkle as the light catches these glass ornaments. 

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