Christmas Accessories. Well isn’t this our favorite part of the holidays when we get to deck the halls with any number of accessories, the list can go on forever but we will keep it to the point and informational.


Wow, where to begin:) You have your plastic ornaments and glass ornaments. The plastic kits you will find in most big retails where they will cost anywhere between $5-20 and the glass ornaments you will find will cost between $50-150 and range in size and quality

This is a classic case of Quality vs Quantity!

Plastic = Quantity! You can get a ton of plastic ornaments in lots of different styles, sizes, and colors. They will be very light and cheap feeling but you can cover an entire tree for under $30 and from afar it will look good, it will lake the shine and vibrancy of the glass ornaments

Glass = Quality! You won’t get the mass amounts of ornaments that you will get with the plastic sets but the quality speaks for itself! There are a few types of glass ornaments, hand-painted and hand-blown, machine painted and machine-blown. It can take up to an hour to paint a single ornament by hand especially when it’s an intricate design.

So to sum it all up this comes down to a matter of budget and taste. It will cost you an arm and a leg to decorate and full tree with glass ornaments and it will look amazing or you can set up your tree with plastic ornaments and it will cost a fraction of the glass, the choice is yours!

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