‘Tis the season for spending! At least that’s how it feels. After the holiday season, many of us must go through a bit of recovery with our finances after all the splurging we tend to do during the holiday season. The average American household spends at least $1,000 during this time of year. Want to save a bit of dough with being Mr. Scrooge? Here are our top Christmas Money Saving Tips that are sure to help! 

Create Homemade Gifts

Homemade Christmas ornaments are always a very thoughtful (and rather inexpensive) gift. They are fun to make and fun to give. Need some ideas? Check out our article (link here) to learn about the best handmade ornaments.

Budget And Track Your Spending

Yes, this is not the word we want to hear during the most magical time of the year. Christmas is not worth going into debt. Be sure to make your list, check it twice, and stick to it!

Give Time, Not Things

Remember that your presence is better than material presents. In a time where we are always on our phones, its time to put them down and really soak in these beautiful moments with our families and friends. After all, life is short. Choose to be present now.

Shop Early

Great deals happen year-round, not just on Black Friday and after Christmas. You’re busy enough during the holiday season. If you knock out your shopping early instead of falling for all the holiday marketing gimmicks, you are one smart shopper, and you’re sure to save quite a bit!

Go Somewhere Together

Instead of spending money on a physical gift, see if your loved ones would instead like to go somewhere instead, such as a play, concert, activity, or short vacation. Choose to create long-lasting memories instead of just buying things that lost value or are forgotten.

Avoid The Mall

It’s a retail (not to mention crowded) nightmare. There are too many temptations here if you’re trying to save money. The kiosks, the aromas of food, the mega sales that every store seems to be having. Stay strong, and stick to the priorities this season. 

Invest In An Artificial Christmas Tree

Instead of paying 50$ year after year for a tree, save money for the next decade with an artificial Christmas tree. Be sure to get one with LED lights for some super saving!

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