Artificial Christmas trees are beautiful and useful holiday decorations in many homes around the world. They came about in the 1880’s in Germany as an alternative to regular trees, and as a response to deforestation. The first pre-lit artificial Christmas trees used goose feathers that were dyed green. The popularity of the first artificial décor increased significantly in the early 20th century. 

Synthetic Christmas trees are fabulous for many endless reasons. Here are just a few:

Better for the Environment

Because you are not contributing to killing a tree annually, you are helping the earth. Each time a tree is cut down, it releases the carbon dioxide it once stored back into the atmosphere. With global climate change, this is the last thing we want!

Safer for Your Home

An artificial Christmas tree is more reliable than a real tree because it is not a fire hazard compared to a (real) dry Christmas tree. They are also not as heavy as a real tree, making it safer if the tree was to topple over. In the United States, 10 deaths and over $17 million of property was damaged in Christmas tree-related fires from 2010-2012, reported by the National Fire Protection Agency. Dried out trees are a danger; stick with the manufactured products that are flame retardant!

Save More Money 

An artificial tree is a one-time purchase that will last many years, as opposed to spending the money to buy a new (real) tree each year, which only lasts for a few weeks. You can use the money you save to splurge more and gifts and egg nog!

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

No pine needles…no problem. You’ll enjoy less stress and less mess when you’re not constantly cleaning up falling needles and other tree-related issues that are nonexistent when you go artificial. That means more time to cuddle up and relax in front of the fireplace, enjoying the magical sight.   

Easy transport 

Artificial trees are much easier to transport than a real tree. No need to worry about the logistics of strapping that bad boy to the top of your car or worrying if it will be secure enough for the way home.

While there is some assembly required, artificial trees are much lighter and easier to carry—less of a physical hazard for you and your family. If you want to learn more about amazing artificial Christmas trees, please click check out our products today.

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